Following is a collection of links which Ron has found to be useful in his business and personal life. We hope that you too will find these links helpful.



Personal and Professional Development - an informative web portal offering various resources for personal development.

Nightingale Conant - the leader in personal and professional development audio programs. A lifelong personal education program is essential to becoming all you can be. - This excellent site is packed with inspiring articles to help you realize your dreams.

Personal Health

US Dept of Health & Human Services - lots of resources to assist you in your search for optimal health.

Health Square - provides free access to high quality health and wellness information. - one of the best online sites for health and wellness information.

WebMD Health - an excellent resource for general health related information.

Life Extension - a site focused on leading edge topics such as aging research, etc.

Your Healthy Self - a useful site with lots of helpful reference information on personal health.

Simple Living - a site with lots of information and resources to help you simplify your life.

Financial Reference and Investing Information

American Association of Individual Investors - an excellent site with lots of reference information. Consider joining this service as the price is an outstanding bargain. - This is an excellent site to help you stay on top of rate changes in the market.

Yahoo! Finance - Lots of resources for the individual investor.

Suze Orman - Check out the Resources tab for useful information.

Kiplinger - Eighty years of financial advice now online.

Equity Trust Company - one of the few financial custodians that offers high yield, non-traditional investment options through your retirement accounts.

Real Estate Investing

Flipping Homes - Steve Cook's website offers a great deal of down to earth, realistic information on real estate investing.

Creative Real Estate Online - one of the largest sites dedicated to the real estate investor.

Deal Maker's Cafe - a robust site offering a lot of resources for the real estate investor.

REI Club - another great site for online communication and learning in real estate investing.

General Business Reference

SBA - The United States Small Business Administration, an excellent resource for the entrepreneur.

IRS - The Internal Revenue Service. Tons of reference publications on very important matters for the business owner.

Technology Reference

TechWeb - Business Technology Network. Lots of reference info on the technology that is shaping our future.

Recommended Software

OpenOffice - a free office productivity software suite similar to MS Office.

Mozilla FireFox - a free alternative browser. Excellent alternative to MS Internet Explorer.

Kompozer - website development and management software.

FileZilla - free FTP client, very useful for managing website files.

Microsoft Windows - desktop and laptop operating system.

QuickBooks - one of the best financial management packages for the small and medium sized business. Enterprise versions are also available as well as online versions.

Mint -Easy to use web based personal financial management software from the makers of Quicken.

Adobe Reader - a very useful free application essential for reading PDF documents.

Zone Alarm - a free personal firewall to protect your computer from outside intruders. Also available in corporate versions.

Norton AntiVirus - important antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses.