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Below you'll find  news about Ron and a few of his diverse activities.  Ron has published many dozens of articles in national and international magazines, has spoken and presented at dozens of conferences in the US and Europe, and has been featured in sveveral cover stories in some of the world's largest industry publications. 


Ron Joins the Stage with Energy Industry Powerhouses in Denver, CO - October 2014

Ron is recognized as a thought leader helping shape the future of the smart grid, the electrical energy grid backbone powering our way of life.  He joined the stage with Rick Bush, Editor-in-Chief of T&D Magazine, and Jesse Berst, CEO and Founder of Smart Grid News, in Denver CO on Oct 8, 2014 to brainstorm in a live panel in front of hundreds of industry experts where the future of the energy grid is headed.

Ron Leads Smart Grid of the Future Webinar with Smart Grid News - January 2014

Ron presented a powerful, visionary webinar outlined where technology evolution is occuring that is forming the future of the electrical grid in the US as well as devleoping nations. Check it out here.

Ron is Appointed Global Head of Products and End-to-End Solutions, Elster, Electricity BU - September 2013

Ron was appointed Global Head of Products and End-to-End Solutions for Elster's Electricty Business Unit, a division of Elster Group.  Elster is the a global company based out of Germany, and is the world's largest provider of metering devices for the measurement of earth's vital resources

Ron is Guest of Honor and Speaker at Cunningham Isshin-Ryu  Founder Tim Cunningham's 60th B-day Celebration - Tarboro, NC - February 4, 2012

Ron was honored to speak at Master Tim Cunningham's birthday party at the Tarboro, NC karate school.  Tim is a world renowned martial artist and member of the Isshin-ryu Hall of Fame.  When Tim came to Tarboro in mid 1982, Ron was one his first class of four students.  Ron, who has been active in numerous martial arts to varying degress since first joining karate class in Tarboro  in January 1981, and who holds numerous black belt ranks in multiple arts, recalls many stories from his journey with Tim, who todays remains one of Ron's closest and most admired friends.  Tim Cunningham's school can be found at the Mall in Tarboro, NC.

Ron's Company Launches Redevelopment of Leisure Village, Pinetops, NC - December 2011 

In 2007 Key Property Investments, LLC, one of Ron's companies formed in 2002, acquired an entire neighborhood of houses and mobile homes.  This month two remaining structures were removed paving the way for new homes to be moved into this neighborhood. Consisting of Ron's company's rental homes along wtih owner occupied mobile homes on land owned by Ron's companies, this neighborhood is an attractive,  quiet neighborhood nestled in the beautiful southern part of Pinetops.   The homes Ron's company intends to relocate to the area will be moved from a neighborhood Ron's company bought up sections of in 2004 with the intend of commercial development which is now being set into motion.  Due to clearing of unsalvagable properties and renovation of the properties that were appropriate renovation candidates, the Pinetops neighborhood property values have doubled, and the rental properties  are on a waiting list basis.  

One of Ron's missions in life is to help people, and by drastically improving this once depressed neighborhood Ron changed the lives forever of the long term residents. 

Ron Speaks in Washington, DC - September 2011 

Ron visits the Autovation Conference in the Washington, DC area where he delivers an insightful presentation to a group of utiilty stakeholders sharing a highly successful utility case study for the deployment of smart metering devices and communication networks for measurement of electricity and water on residential homes and businesses, and lessons learned.

Ron is Appointed Vice President, Smart Grid Solutions at Elster Solutions - Raleigh , NC - June 2011

Ron was appointed Vice President of Smart Grid Solutions for Elster Solutions, a division of Elster Group, a global company based out of Germany, and the worlds largest provider of metering devices for the measurement of earth's vital resources of electric, water, and gas.  In this role Ron will be  leading a dynamic team of professionals helping guide the direction of Elster's Smart Grid offerings.

Ron's life mission is to affect in a positve way the lives of others and by working with Elster, one of the worlds leading smart grid providers, Ron is able to have a tangible impact on the development of technologies that will help enable energy use to continue improving our lives for decades to come.





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