Notable Quotes
from Ron

"Never, NEVER give
up! If you choose to
reach for your dreams
life will challenge you.
Expect it, embrace it,
and press on."

"We realize our
highest potential in
life when we make
a positive, lasting
impact on the lives
of others."


"To achieve our
maximum potential,
we must develop
a relentless focus
on spending our
dwindling supply
of time in the
best way possible,
each moment
of every day."


"Any true lasting
success is built
upon a strong
foundation exemplified
by life balance,
outstanding character, thoughtful planning
and diligent action."





Ron regularly receives feedback and testimonials from friends and clients that he has touched, either through personal experience or through his books, audios, and events.

We share some of these testimonials here so that you might see how Ron and his works might help you.


Please Note - these testimonials were not solicited
and are shared with permission.


Event Feedback

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to be wildly impressed at the depth and breadth of your knowledge and experience."

-- Don Burrows


"I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic seminar. I got great ideas from it."

-- Marcela Noriega


"Thanks for the fine class. I walked away realizing again how much I have to learn. I am looking forward to having further opportunities to learn from your experience. The high level of integrity you encourage is very welcome and rare."

-- Matt Lees


"I just want to say thanks for all that you are doing to help the rest of us in our real estate investments! The seminar last Saturday was so full of information I couldn't even get it all. So, I will sign up for it again ! Thanks again and I really look forward to working with you."

-- Mike Jones


"I enjoyed the full day Financing Seminar and have already used some of the ideas to acquire financing with bankers."

-- Larry Williams


Book Feedback

Following are a few of numerous testimonials received on Ron's first book, Leverage: A Key to Success and Wealth. This book has received significant positive feedback since it's original publication in 2004. Click here for more information on this insightful book.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the book. Powerful concept presented in a fresh light. Hope to see more from Mr. Pate.

-- Bill Johnson

"Ron Pate has created a very concise and highly readable explanation of how and why leverage is such a vital factor in building one's financial future ... but, even more than that, this book is a guide to principles which we all need to adopt to live a fulfilling life. I strongly recommend this book, no matter what you choose as your life's mission."

-- Jeffrey Rich


"This book is packed with ‘wealth truth’ ... that, when internalized and applied, has the potential to transform one's future. I highly recommend this book!"

-- Greg Torrance


"What I like about your that it fits into the realm of the classics....Like the Napolean Hill book....You've taken a single subject and brought it to light."

-- Mike Gilbert


"This is a SOLID, easy to read, and inspiring blueprint for financial and life planning! What comes through on every page is a sincerity and intention to share key LEVERAGE principles based on the writer's personal experiences. Loaded with motivational exercises that give the reader clear instructions, this is a book that will forward the reader’s action toward reaching his or her goals."

-- Drew Chernoff


"This book uses personal examples to highlight how leverage is one of the key elements to becoming successful in ANY business endeavor. If you are serious about getting out of the rat race, learning how the pros do it, this is a MUST read."

-- Drew Ludlow


"Unlike multiple other ‘Success’ books out there, this book is not an instruction manual full of technical terms instructing you on how to get rich overnight. Rather it puts you in a mindset with realistic expectations."

-- Nikita Zhitov


"I’ve read Steven Covey and others like him and learned a lot. Ron’s book on Leverage embraces some of the same concepts, but offers readers a different construct to view immediate opportunities to leverage opportunities well within their reach."

-- Dennis Phillips








True Life Stories

Ron has personally
helped hundreds of
people in a wide
variety of difficult
We'll be
publishing some
of the more
powerful accounts
here in the

Lives Touched

"You have the ability
to nurture dreams while
warning of possible
danger ... a teacher
of your kind is an
instrument of hope
for people ... who are interested in reaching something higher."

-- Mrs. Astrid Ledman


"It's people like
you that give me
the courage
I need to keep
on keeping on..."

-- Mary Warren


"Thank you for
inspiring me."

-- Ila White